Review – Zadar

Ready for a whizz back in time to 2013, when three friends and I jetted off to Croatia for a three week semi ‘Euro-trip’ thing… ish. Planning (one of my guilty pleasures) was done down to the second and we crammed our bags, and a gnome, and ‘Ryanaired’ it (£57 return you mad!?) half way down the Croatian … More Review – Zadar

Review – Coron

And so we reach the last (real) destination of the 4.5 month excursion round South East Asia, and what a place to end. Coron is up there with my favourite places ever. Crystal water, dramatic rocks, beautiful wildlife, friendly locals, and the best diving I have ever done – Coron stood out above everything else we … More Review – Coron

Review – El Nido

I’m surprised we made it alive to El Nido, genuinely – I’ll get on to that later. This picture postcard destination, regularly shared on Facebook and Twitter as ‘paradise’ with the ‘clearest waters’ and ‘pristine beaches’, was highly anticipated by the now 5 man crew we had become. At the northern tip of Palawan, there’s a … More Review – El Nido

Review – Puerto Princesa and ‘The Incident’

After a cramped ferry and hazardous taxi drive through Cebu, we took flight across the pirate infested Sulu Sea before landing on Palawan at Puerto Princesa, just a little sweaty. Palawan has been hailed ‘Island of the Year’ many times and is apparently one of the best places to visit worldwide if you’re looking for paradise – needless … More Review – Puerto Princesa and ‘The Incident’